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The Pacific Salmon Commission is an international decision-making organization, composed of four Commissioners (and four alternates) from the United States and Canada.

As a treaty organization, the PSC facilitates implementation of the Treaty through research and regular meetings between national, provincial/state, First Nation, and U.S. tribal delegates to manage commercial, sport, and subsistence fisheries in both countries.

It has responsibility for all salmon originating in the waters of one country which are subject to interception by the other, affect management of the other country’s salmon or affect biologically the stocks of the other country. In addition, the Pacific Salmon Commission is charged with taking into account the conservation of steelhead trout while fulfilling its other functions.

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The RMPC uses the PSC Data Standard format for managing data in RMIS. The PSC Technical Committee on Data Sharing, which is co-chaired by the RMPC Program Manager,  is responsible for facilitating data exchange between Canada and the U.S. by developing, maintaining, and updating, as necessary, data exchange programs, identifying any problem areas that may exist, and developing standard methods of reporting and analyzing salmonid fisheries data of importance for both nations.

The role of RMPC in supporting the PSC data needs were confirmed during the November 19, 1987 plenary session of the PSC, during which the Commissioners agreed that no single US/Canada database would be established under auspices of the PSC. Instead, Canada and the U.S. will maintain separate databases, and appropriate data will be regularly exchanged between the Canada database and a single U.S. database.

One month later, the U.S. Commissioners joint decision was announced in a letter from U.S. commission Chair Wapato on December 17, 1987 stating that the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Regional Mark Processing Center is best suited to meet PSC information needs for CWT data.

For details consult the Appendix 6.1 to the Information Content and Data Standards for a Coastwide Coded-Wire Tag Database Report (TCDS 89-1) available on the Documents webpage

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