Did you catch an anadromous salmon with a coded wire tag?

Were you fishing for salmon and steelhead and caught a tagged fish? If you were provided with a tag number do you know where to look up the information for that tag fish? 

To locate the information for that tagged fish, you first need to determine if you have a snout tag number or a coded wire tag (CWT) number. A snout tag number is a temporary number assign to a fish before the CWT is extracted, read and recorded.

Follow the below instruction to find out more information about your fish using the CWT number to search RMIS or the snout tag number using Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) search tool.

Do you know the coded wire tag number for your fish?

This is a magnified section of standard format Coded Wire before the tags have been cut for injection. A tag can be cut from anywhere along the wire and would be slightly wider than one full code sequence, The code is repeated on four “sides” of the wire. Photo Credit: Northwest Marine Technology

If you know the coded wire tag number for your fish (e.g. 090322) you can look it up in a RMIS Standard Reporting Query by entering the number in the Tag Code field shown below.

RMIS Standard Reporting Query Interface indicating the field in which to type in the coded wire tag number to locate a fish. Click the image to see larger image size.

Did you receive a snout tag ID for your fish?

This is what an ODFW snout tag ID may look like.

If you received the tag from an ODFW employee, please navigate to the ODFW Ocean Salmon Management Coded Wire Tag Look-Up page, and enter the seven digit snout ID number (the alphanumeric code) you were given when your tagged salmon was sampled (e.g., 15R3625) in the search box. 

Then you can return to this site and follow the instructions above for looking up information using the coded wire tag number.