The status of files received and pending submissions is summarized in tables that link to more details about the individual files. We track the submittal of the following file categories for each data provider:

    • Agency-provided Descriptions that contain the metadata for location, release, recovery, and catch/sample files as each dataset is sent to the RMPC
    • Dataset process date tables for location, release, recovery, and catch/sample files

Summary tables provide information regarding file status (new or resubmitted), validation status (fully or partially validated), and whether the file is complete or incomplete.  Some tables also provide information on whether a file is expected for submittal or not applicable for a specific agency or year.

Consulting these tables gives the user the ability to easily determine if there have been any updates since the last time data were downloaded.

Access the RMIS Data Files Directory to download datasets.

Latest File Validations

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Description Tables

Process-Date Tables